Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Internet Update

Well so far been very impressed with the service I have been given by Julian, he has taken time with the many questions that I have raised to obtain my broadband connection on the cut. He has put me in touch with the chap who deals with the one way connection who is coming to demo the system on the 21st at our home, we are anxious to see how it performs, also Julian has spec'd out all the equipment that we will need so that we can also obtain our TV through the dish both in the saloon and the bedroom. We have deceided that one digibox will suffice, this will mean that we cannot have different channels on each set at the same time but we dont see that as a problem as we we watch very little TV and what we do watch we both love the same things, so as long as we get to see the Moto GP's, Superbikes, F1 and the Rugby we will be well happy. Julian did suggest that we have a "magic eye in the bedroom though, this will allow us to change channel without us getting up" and me being a true gent would never expect "the skipper" to do that :). Intially we will just go for the freeview card which I believe will cost a one off of £20. We have yet to deceide who to use for the data uplink although I have heard that vodafone data is probally the most stable not sure about their coverage on the cut though (so any comments welcome). This is not a cheap option for a connection but the price has come down quite a bit since we started shopping around 2 years ago, I have just done my end of year accounts and by the time we factor in my BT Line, broadband, mobile bills etc. reckon we can do it for about the same cost if I can get the right deal with the mobile company when the time comes. We now can't wait for the Crick show and are anxious to have a look around on Lorimar and lots of other liveaboards and pinch a few ideas, We have been keeping up with the build progress of Lorimar via the Heartwood site, although design wise I think we are just about there and cant wait for our shell to arrive at the builders hopefully this should still be in June. Anyway for those who may be interested we will let you know how the demo goes.



Blogger Del & Al said...

Let us know how your demo goes as we're having the same problem.


Del & Al

3:08 PM  
Blogger Peruvian Skies said...

Hi Del & Al will do, the guy has told me that the only difference to the setup that he will demonstrate is that the dish will be on a tripod that will have to be manually lined up. I have also asked whether it will be possible to have a external aerial to the satellite modem for the uplink to improve the mobile data connection which he has told me is possible, so that is good news on that front. We reckon that with this kind of setup in conjuction with my Nokia e61 blackberry (so we dont have to stop every half hour to check the mail) we should be as sorted as we can be. I have also found a good fax to email service (thats free) as some of my customers still use fax to send me some work although I know we can also receive fax via the mobile. So hopefully may get time over the weekend to publish a page about the demo.

1:38 AM  

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