Sunday, April 22, 2007

more news on the connection

Well the Saturday demo went well, Guy Stanbury from Nymrod Associates came over and did a demo from the back of his truck we were well impressed as it didnt take him long to set the demo up and soon had us surfing the net from the back of his truck, Download speed was good downloading at 1 meg so that is well usable, he was using Orange gprs upload (no 3G here in the depths of Lincolnshire) but even on gprs the system worked well. We did have a problem hitting the sky satellite from the demo area outside but wasnt surprised as the sky installation man had trouble finding a good location for our own dish. The dish soon locked on to the internet satellite though which was the part of the demo that we needed to really see. I did also have an Email come through via the blogg recommending Guy as the "man" to talk to and fully agree that he has been reliable prompt and informative on all issues of this type of connection. see Email below:-
"Hi all, hope the following is of interest.We've been using one-way satellite at home for some time (we live in the depths of West Sussex).After the satellite owners pulled the plug on AVC's existing one-way satellite broadband service (and promptly gave it to Sky), AVC advised us to change over to a company called Mediasat in Ireland. Although they don't have an offical sales outlet here in the UK, they refer non-Ireland enquiries to independent installers over here. We were put in touch with a company called Nymrod Associates who do Mediasat's referrals in England & Wales, including the mobile leisure market. Their direct line is 0208 133 1610 - ask for Guy Stanbury as he deals with all enquiries and is red-hot on the technical stuff. Hope this helps."
I know Del & Al (see comments) are anxious to know how he demo went so hopfully these comments will help them aswell.
By the way if anyone who reads this fancies having a go a the liveaboard life Sue and Vics boat N0 Problem 1 is up for sale on ebay
When we first started looking into being liveaboards they were so helpful in taking time to answer all of our questions. You can find a link to their informative blog from the No Problem link on this site.


Blogger Del & Al said...

Thanks for all your help !!
How is your build coming on?

n.b Derwent6

11:41 AM  

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