Thursday, January 03, 2008

New Year New Boat

Well our New Year's toast to each other at midnight was "This is the year we get our boat" we know this is a life changing year for us, I had a long chat with Julia about when our build will start, she has promised to get back to us by next Monday. We can't pretend we are not very envious of Derwent 6 being safely tucked up in the yard at Fernwood and waiting for their build to begin in earnest, we just cannot wait for our hull to arrive there and be alongside theirs. The film crew from Carlton have been over to film for the new series of Waterworld, they have been covering the build of "The Whitefield" boat, this is like no other narrowboat and does really say how Fernwood have gained their reputation of a builder who pushes the boundaries. We can't honestly say we love this boat as for our tastes it is completely "OTT" but the quality as always is something else and shows how Julia and Ken and their staff put heart and soul in every boat they build, it is this quality that they apply along with other outsourcing problems that they have had that has caused the delay in our build slot, but this commitment is what makes us want them to build our new home for us.


Anonymous Keith & Ann said...


Can you hear the music from the 'X-Files'.
We did and are doing exactly the same.
Our build starts this year , also with Fernwood.
We were originally delayed by house sale difficulties, 'Derwent' kindly took our slot and we took theirs.
Best regards

1:34 AM  
Blogger Del & Al said...

God we feel guilty now !!!!
But Derwent6 ain't moving out. LOL

It's going to be a great year really exciting for all of us, lots of changes and challenges ahead..

What a great Adventure!!!

Hope the news is good on Monday..Keep us posted!

Note to Keith and Ann:
THANKS!!! But don't worry we will be pushing our build along

2:42 AM  
Blogger said...

Im excited for you, Its like Christmas is still coming for you!. Hope the news is good. Lisa

2:37 AM  

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