Sunday, August 17, 2008

Build Update

Firstly apologies for not updating the blog for a while but we have been waiting to get over to the builders for a while and work has just been manic lately. Fernwood have been waiting for the flooring to come in and for Jonathon Wilson to come over and fit some additional saddle fuel tanks (but thats a whole new blog). Stuart (Fernwoods design guru) has done an excellent job of routing all the HDMI, CAT5, Satellitte and data/phone aerial cables, so the boat is looking like spaghetti junction at the moment. We are due to go over this week as our vist was put off due to Fernwood launching another boat last only Derwent6 to go then ours !!!!! Our guess on completion is December/January time, so hope the stove works as good as it looks. Hopefully we will get some photos this week and be able to post some on the blog. Just been reading this months Canal Boat mag and reading the test report on "Whitefield", the reviewer seemed very impressed with the build quality. Anyway cant wait to go and have a look how the build is progressing so watch this space.


Blogger drkyzar said...

Wicked. Me and Kel are really looking forward to seeing it... You'll have to give us a shout if you're going over at some late next week/at a weekend :)

5:17 AM  

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