Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Internet Update

Well the bad news is that the 1 way satelitte connection I was planning to use for download is not going to be available after November 2008, so my internet connection will have to now be through a USB dongle, to be honest I was so close to going this way as the mobile internet has moved on a fair bit since I was first looking into a broadband speed connection on a boat over the last 3 years.
So now I am looking for advice regarding the best 3G/HSDPA coverage over the canal system. I think it will come down between Vodafone and T Mobile so any comments on any of the providers would be greatly appreciated. I will probally pick one of these and may have a backup of a PAYG 3 dongle. The next thing is to try and source some decent external aerials that I can use with these dongles, so will probally have a chat with Boatersphone at Crick in a couple of weeks.
Onto the boat, The hull was spray foamed on Monday and the engine is due in soon, so things are moving on at the builders, We have picked all the finishes and materials etc.and most of the wood and laminates etc. have been ordered.
The weather we are having at the moment is not making the wait any easier and it is now looking that we will probally take delivery in the depths of winter, although our builder is trying to push on the 4 boats in the workshop as fast as they can. We are due for a vist to the workshop next week and hopefully be able to take some snaps of how the build is progressing.


Blogger Del & Al said...

Hi Dick and Netty

Great to see your progress and the boat looks fantastic.
We have decided to go down the Vodafone Dongle route and as for the aeriel, don't worry, you just need a USB extension and a bit of blue tack, to hang it out the window if need be!!!!
Hope to see you at Crick

Del & Al

11:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi guys

I think either T-Mobile or Vodafone will give you the quality of comms you're looking for. Where one is weak, the other will be strong and vice versa. We use T-Mobile and I managed to download a 300MB file and stream Dr Who from iPlayer no problem! I have found that you can be reasonably sure of getting at least a decent GPRS connection and more often than not a 3G one. On our last trip out, we had HSDPA most nights!

Best of luck with the build


2:08 PM  
Blogger Sue said...

Hi Dick and Netty,

We use T Mobile, and it has yet to fail us in all our troubles.

Like Sarah said, most days it is HSDPA which is the super fast speed, downloading at 1.7MB at one time, yes that is MBs!

I can confirm that you will not need an outside aerial, the T Mobile dongle set up comes with a short and long lead (well mine did from carphone warehouse, do check when you buy), and I stick it outside the window in a waterproof sleeve well and truely tied to the curtain rail!

Be patient, won't be long now

NB No Problem

1:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi there!!!

We went with T MObile and we bought an aerial from Boaters Phone. Fernwood installed the aerial and connection into our day room and we have not looked back!! Occasionally we are unable to get mobile coverage (O2) or SKY, BUT, we always have T Mobile broadband. We are really chuffed with the service.
Along with the aerial from Boater's Phone we had to buy a coonection from the aerial to the pc card (T Mobiles webstick not really useful in a steel canoe!!)

Good luck, I hope Crick wasn't too wet!!

Matilda Blue

7:36 AM  

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