Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Mooring

Lesley from nb Caxton has asked about the mooring. Well tip one is when embarking on the journey of getting a narrowboat is get a mooring, all the books tell you this but we never thought it would take as long as this.
We have had our names down at a few boatyards in the Cambridgeshire area for 4 years now, us naively thinking that would be plently of time to get one, but we have not moved up the lists hardly at all in this period.
I know we have restricted ourselves by selecting this area as boatyards are few and far between but wanted a base we could use when we return to the area as family are mostly located around here plus our doctors and dentists etc.
Well as the boat has progressed we have got more and more anxious about where we was going to put our boat until we started on our journey around the system, well what an offer from some friends of my Parents, they have some land that they said we could put a mooring on (as long as we cleared and constructed it) well this semed like a great deal to us and we will be forever in their debt.
We love the location as it is pretty remote (infact very remote which suits us down to the ground) it will be a great base for us to return to when needed, we even have our own resident kingfisher as well as a nearby mobile phone mast which gives great connection speed on the 3 data card I have been experimenting with on their payg setup, I think the remoteness of the location means that their are not too many sharing the bandwidth :)
So as mentioned before we have nearly finished the mooring, so thats another big tick on our list of things to do.
We are now down to one car, hopefully soon to hand our notice in on our rented flat and hopefully will get my motorcycle on ebay in next few days :( but it has to go.
So it is very exciting/nervous times for us both.


Blogger Lesley K Nb Caxton said...

Best of luck, see you out there!

5:08 PM  

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