Friday, October 24, 2008

Things Are Moving

Grabbed some pictures whilst over at the builders, pleased with the progress. Simon is making an excellent job on the bedroom. Above is our single wardrobe and below is our bedbase and bedside cabinets. Bit of a result on the storage front normally they would fit the invertor under the bed, but because the boat is reverse layout this isn't practical due to the cable lengths that this would involve, so we will gain this area as a cupboard.

And here is the double corner wardrobe with a bi-fold door, the alcoves will be backed with mirrors to bounce a bit of light around, we are not having glazed doors upfront but they are stable doors so we will be able to keep them half open.

Couldn't resist another piccy of the "pod" on it's amazing plinth made by Stuart. On Wednesday had a call from Ken, "do you reckon you could help us draw up a pattern for the stainless base to fit under the hotpod" He said they had a quote from a laser cutters which was very high, so nipped over grabbed a pattern and we spent couple of hours transferring the shape onto graph paper, recordered loads of co-ordinates and joined the dots, couple of phone calls and emails later the shape was sent of to some mates who I work with up north ( I won't mention your names as I dont want to get you into trouble) but many thanks for all your help and the shape was laser cut. Anyway collected it on Friday and delivered it to the builders for them too mount and then send out for polishing. We cant wait to see this finished. We have also incororporated an uplighter in the base to backlight the stove, we really want a red led bulb in this for the warm glow effect but are a little worried about men in raincoats knocking on the boat in the middle of the night.
Also had a great email from Dan (the blacksmith artist who designed the stove) I had sent him some pictures of the build as they are keeping a record of where the hotpods are "homed"
He also mentioned that the pod is now to come out in a unlimited version for general sale, as the first lot was limited to 350 (ours is No.75) so if anyone is interested give him a call.
If you mention the blog I might be able to negotiate a deal with him on the companion sets that he makes for the stoves.
I did admit to him that we had been quite sad and named ours Herbie, due to the volkswagon parts used in its construction. He did put my mind to rest and reassureme that he had always named his camper-vans that the stove was originally designed to work in, so we can't be the only sad people out there.

The office is coming on aswell, shame when we arrived Stuart was just dismantling this area for laquering etc. so it is further on than the picture suggests. You can see my spaghetti junction of cables coming in here so hopefully everything will be linked. ( I know this is sposed to be a simple life style) but hey gotta have a few whistle and bells.

We Now have an oven, hob fridge. The oven is a combination job which consists of fan oven, microwave and grill combined. Only time will tell if this was a good decision but it does save a lot of space and looks great and the instruction book suggests roast chicn in 20 mins cooking on the combined method, so this is the first thing in the long list for us to start to learn how to use with our new off grid lifestyle.

This area has been done by Gary and once again the worforces workmanship shines through.
Magic corners with the swing out baskets really maximise the use of space even in the dead corner we have created by the generator location in the the engine room.
We really love the sink infill chopping board, the small chest freezer will sit under here.

and another "magic corner" and you can just see the fridge.

Still loads to do on the list:-
Engine Room
Media Corner
Cooker Hood
Cratch Area
Bow Thruster
But a least it is getting shorter
Pre Xmas delivery? (always said I wouldn't say this, anyone who watches grand designs on TV will know just about everyone who builds says "we will be in by christmas" and they never are) but it would be great if we could be, as long as the oven works !!!!!!
On the internet front, just saw that "3" are doing a wireless router for their mobile broadband dongles, things are moving forward in this direction aswell.


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