Thursday, February 12, 2009

Neighbours become good friends!

Its started snowing, AGAIN! At least we have had some visitors to keep us happy. Hopefully, should get pictures of the rest of the abundant wildlife around here, if its like this now, what will it be like come spring!
This Kingfisher has been by a couple of times today, & seems to like swinging on the middle rope,he wont sit still for long enough for us to catch a photo though, but we will keep trying!
Dick's dad bought him a new axe today (thanks dad!) & he has been contentedly chopping away this afternoon. I think he has found his new place in life (Images pass through of my head of "Monty Python" & the "Lumberjack" song), but that's a story for another day.
Weather for Monday says it will be in double figures! That would be nice, think I have forgotten what that feels like, bet i'm not the only one! Bye for now.


Blogger NB Willawaw said...

Good photo - Kingfisher's are not easy to capture on camera - I know

4:04 AM  

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