Monday, November 24, 2008

We Name This Boat

Today the boat was really brought to life when the livery was put on . We love the font and the style was just as we had imagined it.

The base cushions for the sofa have been done and a quick test proved them to be very comfy and plenty deep enough, we can't wait for the back cushions so we can really test it out for comfort. When we drew up our wish list, which seems like years ago (infact it was !!!) high up on our list of requirements was a comfy sofa, we have both been on boats where we could not imagine living fulltime with the sofa arrangements either due to them being too upright or too hard. I must Apologise for the poor photo but I snapped this one on my phone and I know its hard to believe but the covers are actually grey in colour.

Anyway we hope to go over for a vist to see the livery for ourselves later this week, I must remember to take the camera this time. The lads are now on with the bathroom as the laminate has finally arrived from Italy.
Been looking for a chimney for the stove, at the moment havn't find an off the shelf solution as we don't really want the traditional look and would prefer a stainless one, we think that "shiny" would go with the style of the boat better. My main doubts on this is that from reading quite a few forums, these often seem to be knocked overboard off and being stainless may not be retrievable with the sea searcher magnet. Looks like I might be designing our own and be calling in a few favours to get one made, or perhaps I should get two !!!!
As with all these things when reading up on them on the forums there is always choice, as opinions on design differ...
single skinned
double skinned
external fitment to collar
internal fitment to collar
So any comments on design to help prevent tar spots on the paintwork would be greatly appreciated.


Blogger Bottle said...


Excellent choice of font.

Thoughts on the chimney, double skinned, with outer skin fitting outside the collar, inner skin fitting inside the collar.
Fitting inner inside collar will/ should ensure that any tar etc. returns down the chimney to be burnt off.
Attach chimney with chain to boat, ensure chain short enough to stop chimney going over the side and damaging paintwork.

8:45 AM  
Blogger Peruvian Skies said...

Thanks for the chimney advice think thats the way to go....

9:33 AM  

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