Friday, November 07, 2008


Yesterday my new 3g Router arrived from nucleus networks so spent a little while setting this up and tested it from home. It is a Billion 7300GX which has a PCMCIA slot at the rear to accept my sim free Option card data card. The router is supposed to use the 3g connection as a backup when the DSL connection fails (not that we will have one of them), but can be set to the 3g connection when out and about, which is the setting we will use, so hopefully now will be able to use our wired network via the 4 rj45 connections at the rear or work via the wireless connection (although not sure how well this will work in the boat) . The option card has an external aerial connection that will connect to the aerial on the roof of the boat.
Went to the builders yesterday and they have made good progress, but so engrossed talking on where the build was going next that I forgot to take any pictures. So will have to wait till we go over next week.
But the bedroom is nearly finished, galley is well on, office area is now installed just requiring some trimming out.
The hearth that we had laser cut had been returned from Procast who had made a fantastic job of polishing the stainless. We have now decided to go with a black flue rather than a stainless one as we think this area has enough shiny metal already.
The base for the sofa has now been constructed and we spent a bit of time just finalising the depth and position, hopefully this will go out to the upholsterer in the next couple of weeks.
Construction of the combined television & fold up table unit has been started and the concept of this looked good but will see better when it is fitted into position.
We have now finalised the bathroom layout and the "media" corner unit for the saloon.
The plumbing for the heating system will be commisioned soon but still a long way to go in the engine room.
The delivery of the washer-drier has been delayed for the particular one we wanted but this hopefully shouldn't hold up progress too much.
Anyway thats enough waffling on for now and still can't believe I forgot to take any pictures.


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