Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sleepless Night

Well I suppose it had to happen..after all the snow and the rain, along comes the thaw and some more rain. The result of this was we spent most of last night checking our mooring every 2 hours as the water rose very quickly. We were just a little worried that the levels may rise so much that the boat may go over our mooring poles and we may end up in the field.
We awoke this morning to find the level must have risen 3' to 3' 6" and our stern mooring was covered in about 3" of water.
This would not have bothered us that much, but we were expecting a vist from Paul of Foxton Boat Services to make a warranty repair to our engine, Paul needed to get on at the stern but luckily by the time he arrived the water had subsided enough so he could get aboard with dry feet.
Hopefully the replacement gearbox oil cooler will now solve our problems, but we will need to keep a check on the levels to see if it has cured the problem.
Our plan once this repair was made was to go to the waterpoint tomorrow and replenish water supplies and pumpout, but the high water has scuppered this as there is not enough headroom under the bridges so we will have to wait till the level drops.
Once again sorry no pictures but still having problems logging on to the blog, so just doing quick updates while we can get on.
Anyway levels seem to have dropped about 6" - 8" so hopefully we can have a restful night, and just listen to our resident owl, now that is what I call acceptable noise pollution!!!!!


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