Saturday, November 29, 2008

Bathroom and Houdinis etc.

All at Fernwood are working hard as Derwent6 is due to got this Wednesday which will make us next to launch......
Chromed Houdini's were being fitted during our vist, they look good and really fit in with the feel we are trying to achieve..

The shower control had been fitted.

Shower cubicle with laminate backing installed

Chrome towel rail at doorway to bedroom, we are just waiting for the sink, then the unit can be built which will fill the gap between the radiator and the washer drier cupboard.

and we love our curved laminate cupboard, this has been designed to fit a cassette loo in the base of the cupboard.This is in case of emergencys if we can't pump out, also should give us plenty of storage in this area.

All credit to Simon as it took him a while to get the door fitment just right...

This will be the cupboard for the washer drier

Still awaiting the back cushions for the sofa, gap at the end of the sofa is for the surround sound bass speaker, should mean an interesting feel to the sofa when in the middle of nowhere and listen to a bit of Rammstein or the like :)

Above and below is the TV unit in the saloon which incorporates a lift up table with storage for 2 fold up chairs behind.

Below is the media cupboard for surround sound, freesat box and media centre computer.

Some external views....

and our tap is now here and ready to be fitted

Our chopping board/sink infill

Long way to go in the engine room but most of the heating system is now in and hopefully will be tested soon.

Above you can see the additional diesel tank we have had built in, this will feed the generator and the heating, and the hydraulic hoses for the bow thruster.
Really pleased with the progress, we have talked launch dates through with the builder and we have come to the assumption that it will have to be January...but what a way to start the new year!


Anonymous Peru Food said...

Congratulations, it seems like you are doing a great work. What tools do you use for this material?

12:16 PM  
Blogger Peruvian Skies said...

Not sure what tools the builders use to cut the laminate, but I know it chips easily when cut.............

8:59 AM  

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